Plenny Shake unflavored & unsweetened (neutral)

The unflavored and unsweetened (neutral) version is currently not available for the regular Plenny Shake. It was available before. Now it’s only available for Plenny Shake Active.

It should be available for the regular Plenny Shake, too, like before.
Some other complete food companies have it available for their regular versions.
Please consider bringing it back, it would be good to have it available.

I think a lot of people are missing it. It’s for those who want the original, natural, neutral taste, without any added flavoring and sweetener. Or for those who want to add their own flavoring and/or sweetener, etc.
It’s important to have the base version, it should always be available.

Do you want Plenny Shake unflavored & unsweetened (neutral) to be available again?
  • Yes
  • No

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Hi @Adam777 ! Thanks a lot for your post and feedback!

The neutral version for the Plenny Shake V3.0 was discontinued because it turned out to be the least popular choice for our customers then. It therefore had to make room for other flavors that wanted their moment to shine :wink:

The poll you created is great, I am looking forward to see the responses on this and of course will communicate it all to our R&D team.


Hopefully it will be available again in the future.

I’ve noted it, but with things looking as they are, it will for sure not be in the near future.
We’ll keep gathering suggestions from our customers, it’s all about the popular demand of course, so thanks for your input.

Thanks for the consideration.

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