Miss the neutralizer

You cancelled Plenny Shake Aktive Neutral.

I know that the taste was a bit musty and it probably didn’t have many fans. I was a fan because unfortunately I find many of the flavors you use too artificial and/or too intense… Tastes are different - shit happens! Yfood is an unscrupulous business and their packaging stinks to high heaven, but they taste it!!!

My taste is very sensitive and mostly I just like raw things or I mix it until they taste. Your coconut taste tastes very intensely like coconut but unfortunately like coconut milk or coconut flakes - I don’t like it as a shake but I would like to try a Plenny Bar Coconut. The Plenny Bar Cherry is no idea why, ultimately great! Usually Cherry isn´t my favourite…

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You cancelled Plenny Shake Aktive Neutral .

We did indeed, sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. This decision was not an easy one, it never is, but in this case it removed the only neutral option we offered. Sadly the decision was indeed made because of popularity, but I will make the note you would like to see it back for the R&D department.

Same for the Plenny Bar Coconut suggestion, thanks for that as well :green_heart:

I am happy to see the Cherry Bar was a positive surprise for you, it has some fans for sure so you are not the only one that made this their favorite.