Request for a Neutral Plenny Shake Option

Hello everyone,

I’ve been a loyal Jimmy Joy customer for quite some time now, and I really love the convenience and nutrition that Plenny Shakes provide.

While I enjoy the current range of flavors, there’s one thing I’ve been missing – a neutral Plenny Shake without artificial sweeteners. Sometimes, I want the convenience and nutritional benefits of a Plenny Shake but I find that I’m not in the mood for something sweet.

Also, I’ve recently come across some research that has made me reconsider my sucralose intake. As a result, I’m actively looking for alternatives that align with my desire to reduce the consumption of artificial sweeteners. I believe a neutral Plenny Shake without sucralose could be a great solution for me and others who share similar concerns.

I understand that there are other companies offering neutral shakes, but I would rather stay with Jimmy Joy. I trust the brand, I like the consistency of the shakes, and, most importantly, they’ve never given me any digestive issues (unlike some other brands).

I value the Jimmy Joy community and would love to continue being a part of it. If there’s a possibility of introducing a neutral Plenny Shake without artificial sweeteners, I believe it could be great addition to the product lineup. I’m confident that the team at Jimmy Joy can work their magic to create a fantastic neutral option that maintains the high standards we’ve all come to expect.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to hearing from the community and the Jimmy Joy team.


Hi Lucie,

Thanks for putting your trust in us and welcome back to the community forum.

We use to have a neutral version in the past but the problem was that barely anyone bought it :frowning:

Just wondering, what kind of concerns do you have with sucralose?

A neutral flavour is more popular among regular, long term customers. As these don’t constitute the majority of sales it gives the false impression that neutral was not that popular. But discontinuing the neutral flavour would turn off the regular customers with the largest number of orders per person. I think that is the reason why Huel keeps offering unflavoured/unsweetened, although it is the least popular flavour.
A neutral flavour can also be used together with other flavours, to tone down the sweetness. It is the most versatile. Maybe you just have to change your marketing approach for it, including the packaging.


My main concern is its potential impact on the gut microbiome and how it might affect things like glucose metabolism. I’ve been looking into that on Google Scholar. The research is somewhat mixed, and it’s not conclusive yet. But here are two studies on the topic that I read:

Short-Term Consumption of Sucralose with, but Not without, Carbohydrate Impairs Neural and Metabolic Sensitivity to Sugar in Humans

Ten-Week Sucralose Consumption Induces Gut Dysbiosis and Altered Glucose and Insulin Levels in Healthy Young Adults

Given that I regularly consume products with sucralose, like Plenny Shakes and protein powder, I prefer to play it safe and reduce my intake. Better safe than sorry, you know?

When the neutral is back, you would have me back as a costumer.
I just don’t like the other flavours. Also I want to eat less sugar/sucralose or anything like that because it’s healthier.

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