Different Taste for PlennyShake Active

Hello there!

Has something changed very recently to the PlennyShake Active formula or taste? I’m subscribed monthly to the banana flavor and this month’s batch has a very different taste - it’s more like a mix of vanilla/apple rather than banana, I double checked the flavor on the bag (just in case there was a mistake and a different one was shipped) but it looks correct.
Mind you, it’s not bad :smiley: It’s just very different from the previous one, so I was curious to see if there have been some changes that I was not aware of.

I came to check the forum to see if someone noticed the same different taste with Banana. Seems like im not the only one… That being said, I actually don’t like the “new” taste, seems a bit more artificial as well…

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Well, it’s at least good to know I’m not the only one and it’s not just me going insane :smiley:
I don’t dislike the “new” taste tbh, however I very much preferred the old one… especially because this one doesn’t really have anything to do with banana (at least for me)

Hey @Frank and @Remyx11! Welcome back!

Please, can you send us a picture of the production date and batch code to love@jimmyjoy.com? This information is printed on the backside. Then we can check what could have gone wrong. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Will do that Laura, thanks for your reply!

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Will do it as well, thanks @Laura.A :slight_smile:

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It’s definitely a new taste, and I regret the old one …

Was there a change with strawberry PlennyShakes? It tastes kinda weird & different :see_no_evil: