Plennyshake Chocolate with Salty liquorice aftertaste?

Do the recent batches of chocolate plennyshake have a salty liquorice taste to anyone else? In Dutch I’d refer to it as Salmiak
Now, I know I can contact support and all that, but right now I’m mainly curious if anyone else noticed such an after taste, and it seems to be a recurring theme now with multiple batches. Especially compared to a few months ago. Different kind of cocoa perhaps?

For me, it’s not even every shake, even if it’s from the same bag, so I’m wondering what the variables are. Perhaps it’s related to what I ate before? I can’t figure it out yet.

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Thanks for noting this @RC-1290 !

The only recent change that could have effect on the experience would be the change to natural flavouring: Natural vs Artificial Flavouring: Which One is Better? – Jimmy Joy

This does not explain why you would have this with some of the Shakes from the same bag and not with all. So, we will have our QA superstars do testing on this internally as well.

Could you please share the batch code from the bag where you noticed this here for us?

If you are reading this and experience the same, either with this flavour, or with any other, please share it in here with the batch code (this is printed on the back of the bag and will show the production date with a number for the batch) or reach out to us through our Live Chat or via email at

It’s 14/04/2022 B.4

One thing I’m going to try is just letting it sit for longer before drinking, because the same shake, about 30 minutes later seemed fine.

And yeah, I can imagine it would be due to a difference in the type of flavoring. When did that change occur?

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I am having an issue with Chocolate Plenny shake as well. I would name it as an aftertaste of baking soda. I cannot name the exact timing when it occurred, but I would say either when the version changed from v2 to v3 or it was there all along. I am pretty sure that was not the case during the “■■■■■■■” time.

My personal desire would also be for this particular shake to have a stronger cacao taste, more like dark chocolate than a cacao drink with a slight hint of cacao.

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Thanks for checking in here with you experience as well. We are looking into it as we speak with our QA department and the different suppliers. In your case specifically, I would like to check if there’s something we can do for you for the recent purchase in any way. For that, kindly find us through our Live Chat on the website or via email at