Bad taste of chocolate flavour

I received my last order of jimmyjoy-plennyshake yesterday and I drank a chocolate shake this morning, but its flavours wasn´t as usual… it´s was… argg! I think there is something wrong… Any issue reported by other consumers? Have you change anything in its formula? Thanks

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Same here. Taste got pretty bad.

I’m currently experiencing the same with Vanilla. My latest batch has a bitter / metallic taste, and I’ve just seen a post asking the same about the mango flavour. I wonder if any ingredients have been changed?

Hi everyone, Isabel from jimmyjoy-plennyshake here!

We’re so sorry the chocolate bags you received lately taste off :pensive: we haven’t changed anything in the recipe, so they’re supposed to taste like they usually do. There might have gone something wrong when producing this batch though. If you could let me know what date is on the bags and how many bags of this date you have received by mailing to, we can make this up to you! We’ll of course also note your feedback down, to prevent this from happening again.

  • Isabel, customer support

Ok Isabel. Three bags with number 16032016/01
I am also sending you an email.

Thank you! You can expect to receive a reply to your email shortly :slight_smile:

I have a bag of chocolate with the same number. It’s my first one, so I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m glad to know it’s not supposed to taste like that! I couldn’t finish the shake, I ended up tipping it down the drain. Is there anything to be done, or is the rest of the packet doomed to the drain too?
Thanks for any help/advice!

Hi @Carys ,
Oh no! I’m really sorry your first bags were ones from a bad batch. The chocolate is supposed to taste like, well, chocolate :wink: We’re pretty sure the only ones affected are the mango and chocolate from 16/03, so the rest of your order should be just fine. If you - even though it’s been a rather bad start - plan on ordering again we would love to add a fine tasting chocolate bag to your order to replace the one you received. Would that make it up to you?

I was going to order again regardless of the chocolate mishap, so that’s great news, thank you very much. It’s nice to see a forum with such understanding and reactive customer support, kudos to you all!

Awesome! If you pass me your order number at right after ordering I’ll make sure to add the extra bags to your parcel before it ships out.

That’s a great compliment :slight_smile: thank you!

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I got one of those chocolate bags too. At first I thought the shaker had been dirty, but when trying the second meal from the bag, it had the same extremely bitter after taste so I had to throw it out. Only experienced this with one bag so far but there were more chocolate bags in the shipment which I haven’t opened yet, so will report back if those are affected too.

Thought I was getting sick of the chocolate taste, but this explains a lot…
I’ll contact support as well :slight_smile:

Same thing here, tastes really off, like almost disgusting :confused: Also leaves a small burning sensation in the mouth for me.

Same label as described above.

I was going to open a new topic, but I’m having the same problem, also with the same batch, for chocolate !
I didn’t notice before because I only take jimmyjoy-plennyshake for breakfast and had a 10 bags command !

I’ll contact support.

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im having the same problem with strawberry. the ones i ordered in the past tasted good and didnt leave that aftertaste in my mouth.

im going to try another bag today i hope that tastes better.

I just ordered for the First Time and tried Strawberry… The Taste is Really Bad especially the After Taste. Hopefully this isn’t normal…

nope that isnt. my 2nd bag also has a bad aftertase. hope someone from the support can help here out. can i return the shipment?

edit: chocolate tastes fine. seems only strawberries are defective. still got banana and mango to test

Oh, so THAT’S why my strawberry jimmyjoy-plennyshake tastes like licking a cold metal spoon. :smiley:

Some information about what went wrong would be nice - is it just the taste that is affected? Is it still safe to eat?

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Hi everyone, please email, if you think you received a bad batch!

We started testing our batches way better when the first bad batch occurred, so all bags that are sold now should be fine. There’s of course always a chance they aren’t, so if you think that’s the case, please send us an email so we can find a fitting solution. The bad flavour before came from wrong proportioning of the ingredients, which is why it’s most likely not dangerous. We unfortunately can’t guarantee this though.