Bad taste of plennyshake wake up

Hello everyone,
Just tried my first Plennyshake wake up. Unfortunately it did not taste like cappuccino but had a nutty taste and a very strong metallic after taste.
I could not finish the shaker :confused:
It seems to be the same case as Bad taste of chocolate flavour

Has anyone felt the same taste?

This morning I had the last one from my last bag. Tomorrow I start with a new serie. New package and with a end date of September 2017. I will let you now the taste of the new one. It could also be a problem with the metal bal. Did you tried another one?

I have the same batch (expiration: 9/2017)
Another try this morning. Still no cappuccino taste and still a metallic aftertaste. :confounded:
Also tried with another metal ball that tastes fine with every other Plennyshake taste/bag i had.

Time to send an email to the support.

You should do that. Mine taste great this morning so I hope they can help you. By the way I put them in the fridge the day before so maybe there is less taste when it’s colder and is that the reason I didn’t noticed it. So tomorrow I will make the shake in the morning to try it out. The production date is 2016 09 22. Is that also the same?

No, my production date is 2016 09 21.

Talked with the support, I’m gonna send the bags back so they can check them.
I guess these things can happen in every product. But fortunately the support here is great :smiley:


I got a new batch of wake up and there was no metallic taste :smiley:

Still though it doesn’t taste like cappuccino :P.
I will put in the fridge next time and see if the tastes get better.