Hint of mango flavour in Plennyshake Wake-Up

The last batch of cappuccino-flavoured Wake-Up that I received tastes different from previous ones, which I always enjoyed. Now, it’s as if someone by mistake added a bit of mango flavouring after adding the cappuccino. Anyone else experiencing this?

The bag I’m having now has a date sticker with the following on it:

2017 01 13
2017 .10

(And thankfully, still the Jimmy Joy branding.)

How odd! Wake-Up is definitely not supposed to taste like mango. Did you wash the shaker properly before mixing your breakfast? Perhaps there was still some mango flavour left :wink: If you’re sure something’s wrong with the batch, please send an email to love@jimmyjoy.com and we’d be happy to figure this out for you.

No, I don’t think it’s anything to do with leftovers in the shaker. Especially seeing as I never order mango flavour since it’s my least favourite one!

And it wasn’t just this once, I noticed it with a previous bag as well.

Now I’m having another one from the same batch and it also has that distinct tinge. Not undrinkable in any way, I just preferred my cappuccino Plennyshake strictly cappuccino-flavoured. :slight_smile:

Wow, I was just writing an email to the support on this issue. It seems that I have the EXACT same batch. My wake-up tastes awful (2017 01 13, 2017 .10, Jimmy Joy branded). It’s fruity, but I cannot tell if it’s mango. It probably is, but either way, it is undrinkable for me :confused:

Have you changed the taste? Has my batch gone old? Can you send my some “real” cappuccino-flavoured Wake-Up?

Glad I’m not the only one.

Just found a leftover bag from the previous batch, marked 2016 11 30, and this one tastes just as it should.

Exactly the same for me!

I mailed the support. They are sending me a new batch for new, and I dont have to return the “bad batch”! Super service :slight_smile:

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