What's your favorite Plennyshake?

Hey guys,
I was wondering between all the products proposed by Jimmy Joy, which is your favorite one?
Little reminder:

  • regular banana
  • regular vanilla
  • regular chocolate
  • regular strawberry
  • regular mango
  • vegan banana
  • vegan vanilla
  • vegan chocolate
  • vegan strawberry
  • sport banana
  • wake up cappuccino
  • some type of whey
  • regular apple-cinnamon (Christmas edition)
    and of course
  • shaker bottle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please choose only one. Mine is wake up cappuccino :coffee: by the way (a little more expensive than the other regular ones, but I prefer the taste + the one serving per bag is quite useful for unplanned urgent meal @ work)


That’s a very tough question!
My internal discussion:
Okay, I should go with the shaker. The shaker can shake all tastes, which makes it awesome. However, I don’t like the current shaker: it’s text faded after a bit more than a month, and the lid kept falling down on my nose. (Though that doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Weird…)

Wake up used to be my favorite. However, as my doctor told me my blood pressure was way too high, I thought it best to quit additional caffeine. I don’t know if it helps; and I’d love to hear it doesn’t, but 'till that moment, I think it’s best to not like Wake up too much.

Which leaves us with… The apple-cinnamon edition is my all time favourite. I know it’s hard to get, but I still got some and I’m going to enjoy them to their fullest. (*imagine a weird picture of me doing weird stuff to my last bag of Christmas Jimmy Joy*)

Jimmy Joy apple-cinnamon

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I don’t have the regular shaker you see as the icon of the forum, mine always falls on my nose. I expect it was some leftover old shaker I was sent because of some sort of shortage. I’ll get another one in my next order.

:smirk: you got me, I’ll add it to the list.

Oh, definitely regular mango!
I could eat that for days, but for some variety I “eat” some strawberry and banana too.

I have a sweet tooth (well, a whole mouthful of 'em), so the chocolate and vanilla are not my cup of tea - or shaker of Jimmy Joy, if you will.

Mango for life!

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@cmandersen I second this!!

■■■■■■■ Green, because it made my poops perfectly green like in the logo :poop:

That and apple pie; that was delicious!

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