Jimmy Joy survey

I will be a “time traveler” this year - 7 tokens to go! At first I tried “■■■■■■■” but it wasn’t for me - years later I wanted to try again. Now it’s Jimmy Joy and I like it very much. Well, I don’t like all products but hey I love Plenny Bars (all types) and Plenny Shake Vanilla active.
The varieties vanilla, chai, chai active, chocolate, chocolate active, coffee are rather medium. Not a big fan of both types of banana, both types of strawberry and the new type of pistachio - it tastes too artificial like in 1990 …

I actually like the Plenny Shake neutral best, but when you heat it up - it doesn’t smell or taste good. Is that why your Plenny Pots are so spicy? I love it really hot, but I don’t get warm with the Plenny Pots … I’m going to do a bike tour through Europe with Plenny Shake and Plenny Bars and I’ll pull my wheelchair as a bike trailer - heavy equipment but with Plenny Power I’ll get it create =)

I have so many ideas what u could try, only few one: Soy is not the best protein, it is really good but not the best ← Sweet lupins and maybe pempkin seed flour. U should use hemp (no thc) as a Plenny hemp bar :wink: