Mango tastes off. Very "metallic"

Hello jimmyjoy-plennyshake,

I’ve been wondering if you’ve heard anyone else’s comments about Mango’s taste. The last order I placed, March 18th 2016, has a bag of Mango that doesn’t taste like the ones I had before.

It has a very “metallic” taste to it. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe a whole batch has gone wrong. So I’m wondering what I do best. If nobody else has noticed it then maybe there is no problem. I might just mix the rest of the bag with Vanilla or something to subdue the taste a little.



Hi @jeroen !

Thanks for getting in touch about this. That doesn’t sound okay at all!
Could you please contact me directly at with the batch number/date? I’ll make sure this is looked into and we will find a fitting solution.

Thanks in advance.

I have the same issue with some Mango I recieved yesterday. A metallic taste that wasn’t there in my last two batches.

I’ve just recieved my Mango order. There is a very metallic aftertaste from mine too.

@michaelmolino @dyl oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that guys. Mango should of course taste nice and sweet, definitely not metallic :pensive: Please email us the date that’s on the bags and how many bags of this date you’ve received, so we can make this up to you!