Vanilla tasting like metal?

So i just got my first shipment of jimmyjoy-plennyshake and im currently trying it out with a few friends. Going pretty well thus far!
I ordered one of each flavour, with the fav being speculaas, its really good.

When trying the vanilla however I noticed a strong metallic aftertaste that made it impossible for me to keep drinking it. It really felt like something was wrong with it. (Batch 2017-01-30, non-vegan). This metallic taste was not noticable in the other bags, nor was it due to the shaker, i made sure to try it in different ones, as well as ask a friend to taste test.

Im not sure if this is simply how the vanilla tastes, or if something went a bit awry with the batch. Would love to get some info on what might be causing it.


Hi there! Vanilla is definitely not supposed to have a metallic taste, so something indeed might’ve gone wrong with that bag :pensive: please contact us by mailing to, so we can make this up to you!

Will do, thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I can confirm I’m having the same issue with at least two packets so far and this is definitely not what the vanilla powder usually tastes like. Hopefully this isolated to a small batch, hopefully this isn’t effecting too many people!

Edit: I also sent an email to support.

Oh noes! I promise you we’ll get back to you through mail ASAP and sort it out with you from there :slight_smile:

Me too, I was thinking it was my cynammon but after reading this subject. It was definitly my vanilla bag. I will contact supprt soon. :slight_smile:

Yep, please do contact us! We’d be happy to even this out with you.

Had the same with my vanilla (2017-01-31), also mailed support :slight_smile:

Just got your email! We’ll make sure to even this out with you :slight_smile:

Got this too, bags are from 2017-02-07. Would be great to get some status on this before ordering the next batch :slight_smile:

The next batch should be fine again! Please send an email to so we can make up for the bad bags you received.

Strong metalic taste vanilla here too - it is a 2017/04/24 - 2017/12 bag with the barcode 8 717953 209221.

Sorry to hear that :pensive: please contact us through mail as well, so we can find a fitting solution to make this up to you!

Dear Isabel,

Have you found out what causes the strong metalic aftertaste? Is it

Best regards:


We can’t exactly tell what was the reason, but we’re pretty sure it’s nothing dangerous :slight_smile: