Does anyone else have taste problems with Strawberry?

Hi guys!

First time jimmyjoy-plennyshake customer since a couple of days, loving it so far.
Chocolate is a dream, Banana is great, Mango is very nice once in a while, but it’s too much flavor for me if I have it more than once a day, but that’s fine.
Having a problem with Strawberry, though. Somehow there’s some kind of spoiled or rancid aftertaste, at least for me. Tried a second bag to check if maybe the first wasn’t OK, but discovered the same aftertaste. Is it just me? I do like Strawberries, but maybe something in the mix plays a trick with my taste buds. I can still drink it, but probably won’t order any more Strawberry after this.

The other flavors are great, keep up the good work, and thanks for thinking about a flavorless version, that might be really useful.

I think i know what you mean, i like the taste myself, but if you’re expecting the kind of strawberry you taste in say, a yoghurt, it’s gonna be a lot different. It’s not that sweet and i think the combination with the “regular” jimmyjoy-plennyshake in there makes it a little “funny”

So there’s probably nothing wrong with your jimmyjoy-plennyshake, it’s just not for you :slight_smile:

Weird! My experience with jimmyjoy-plennyshake strawberry is exactly the oposite. Felt it too sweet. I know that rancid aftertaste by other brand, not jimmyjoy-plennyshake, so I believe something could have gone wrong wtith that specific pack!

I have the same exact problem like you do. Sometimes I even have to drink some water to make this aftertaste go away.
BUT my girlfriend thinks there is too little flavor. She says she can only smell it, but can taste nothing but oat. That’s really wierd. Anyways, I’m probably not ordering strawberry next time.
I’m looking forward to get any explanation on this.

I think the tastes of strawberry and mango are hardly noticable when I leave the shake overnight.
Just recently I discovered that the mango actually had a mano-ish taste after leaving it for just an hour instead after preparation.

Ok, so maybe this is something only some people can taste. Weird. But not too bad, I have enough flavors to choose from :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for the answers!

As seen with @janos_piddubnij and his girlfriend; everyone has a different taste and some flavours simply work better for them than others. However, feeling that the batch is spoiled or has a rancid aftertaste is not okay. If you experience this, please get in contact with our customer support at!


I asked here first, because I wasn’t sure if it was just my taste buds or actually something wrong with my batch. I still think it’s just my taste, but I can contact support and I’ll probably order one bag of strawberry with my next order to see if it was me or the jimmyjoy-plennyshake :wink:
Thanks for the help!

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Hmmm, i’m not sure if it’s this topic or not, but the bag of strawberry i opened today does taste a little different than the one from a few days ago…weird…

I keep one bag of Strawberry at the ready, in case I suddenly get a craving, but -besides Mango (which I don’t like full stop)- strawberry is my least favourite flavour.

I never do 100% of just one flavour… Strawberry is too strong in terms of flavour for me… Usually I mix 70% of vanilla with 30% of strawberry or banana… I tried chocolate but I din’t liked.


Vanilla with strawberry sounds delicious!

Well I tried strawberry and for me it tastes like waterish not ripe strawberry. More like this grass type more bitter strawberry that isn’t ripe enough :confused: Maybe it was just this delivery, since strawberrys are nature products and highly differ in tastes, since they are organic and change in quality. They are not artifical and so you don’t have the same perfect taste all the time. All natural fruits change taste from more to less sweet back and forth :slight_smile: It all depends on how much sun they got, to produce sugar and with this sweetness, what water quality they got and how much and how much nutritions they had to grow big and delicious :slight_smile: Quality really changes. Same with wine, every year has it’s own unique weather and with this it has its own unique quality of grapes and grape tastes. It differs slightly every year. You can’t have one taste forever with natural fruits :slight_smile: But they are more healthy ^^ Same with supermarket. Sometimes I had strawberrys that tasted like water without any sweetness still while being fully red in color. Another year I had some that were extremely sweet. Nature products change and every supply can be different in taste :slight_smile: But this is just how it is and not jimmyjoy-plennyshakes fault. It’s life’s fault xD

I ordered some more strawberry in my latest order and that is perfectly fine. Maybe I’ve gotten used to it, or they made the recipe better.

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I think it might have been a batch issue, i gave a bag of strawberry to a friend to try, and i got it back and tried it (this was an older batch) and it did taste different from the strawberry i had in stock at the moment.

@hcamiel Have you been in contact with our customer support about this? If there is anything wrong with a batch you have received, we will be sure to replace it with a new batch!

I haven’t, not sure if i should, already used 5 of the 6 bags, how would that work? exchange the 1 bag ?

@hcamiel you will get a full exchange of the 6 bags. Just contact us at and pass on your batch number and we’ll have that sorted for you!

This is the third order I do and in the last packet of the envelope strawberry flavor if they know rare. She tastes like iron. A greeting.

Same. Couldn’t get the strawberry down because of the rancid aftertaste, had to give the bags away. But the person I gave them to loved the taste. :smiley:

My strawberry bags were ordered on 2015-12-17.