Red bits in Strawberry bags

Hi there,

I’ve been drinking plenny shake for a while now and I never noticed this before.
When I mix the strawberry with water, red bits of different sizes remain unsolved.
They are actually quite hard and drinking them isn’t that pleasant.
The expiration date is far from close so that can’t be it.
Any ideas what it could be? A bad batch or something?

I think they use actual strawberries for the flavoring, so it’s probably bits that weren’t ground up very well. I doubt it’s bad for you, except for the texture annoyance. On that note, I tried to mix in some PB2 powder with my bananna flavor and that stuff just won’t mix well, it’s all grainy and difficult to drink, so I understand your concern with the bits.

Just the dried strawberry stuffies indeed, as far as I know. :slightly_smiling: But, I think they’re not as good as the previous strawberry stuffies as well… :confounded:

different opinion but I actually LOVE the strawberry bits - send them to me ! :strawberry:

Hi @Flanberry !

There’s no need to worry - these are indeed just actual strawberry bits. Different batches can be a little different as we’re dependent on the harvest of the strawberries each time.

If you find it extremely unpleasant, please contact our customer service at and we’ll see what we can do for you!