Issue has been resolved

EDIT: Was concerned about something found in Plenny Shake. Turned out to just be vanilla pods.

Sorry you experienced this - especially on your first go!
What flavour was it? They look like vanilla pods.
Re: quality control issues are very rare for shakes (though can’t comment for JJ specifically). I’ve only had one issue in four years - a live bug in another brand, not JJ - but the rest of the batch was fine.

I care about safety too - though unless JJ advise you to not eat the rest of the batch, I’d say they were fine to eat :slight_smile:

Ah vanilla pods, good to know. I’ve never seen them before now. I shouldn’t have assumed it was bad so quickly. Thanks for your response.

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You’re very welcome, though I can’t speak officially for JJ - it’s good you flagged this in case anyone else found the same :slight_smile:
Vanilla’s my favourite flavour but I didn’t even know it came from a plant until a few weeks ago hahaha I went searching for vanilla pods when I did, but theyre very expensive - JJ is one of the only brands that actually uses vanilla rather than just flavourings (correct me if I’m wrong about this food)