About the matter: different oats not as smooth as the original

Hi there,

I have received my new order of Plenny shakes. I was informed that a different oats not as smooth and fine as the original would be used. I thought there was a return to the consistency of the recipe of a few years ago, unfortunately, however, I must say that it is not the same thing. Also with this type of oats the Plenny shake does not mix well, and a thicker pulp remains on the bottom of the shaker every time. I tried with different flavors and the result doesn’t change.

I also point out that apart from the note I received, on your site and on the forum I could hardly find any trace of a warning about this change. It would be useful to have some sort of bulletin board with the most important news.

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Hi Daniele,

Apologies for any inconvenience caused by this first of all.

We found ourselves with a delayed shipment for the original ingredient and after testing, we decided to temporary produce batches with the replacement ingredient for the oats. We’ve already returned to the usual recipe for all Shakes, so any that are received now should again have the texture you were expecting and used to.

We informed the people that received a product from these batches with notes in the boxes explaining the above situation.

As said, it was tested and found to be alright, but if it’s not for you, we can of course do something about that. I would like to invite you to our Live Chat or love@jimmyjoy.com to check in with our customer care team for the options for you.

(This goes for anyone reading this that has a bag or bags from those batches with the temporary replacement for the oats)

Thanks in advance! :green_heart:

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your fast reply,

I’m glad to hear that you ’ve already returned to the usual recipe for all Shakes, I understand that in the face of this type of problem it was necessary to find a quick solution that it did not block the orders in progress. However, In the future, I think it would be better inform the customers of this change during the order/shipping phase and not upon receipt of the modified product.

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Thanks for your understanding! We had a discussion about that but it was not possible to do this as the batches produced were not for all flavours at the same time, so it was not possible to know when the temporary batch was shipped for an order and when not. For that reason, we decided to do it the way we have and be as lenient as possible afterwards where needed. Your suggestion is how we would do it when the situation would have been different.