Newest batch is Seperating

So, I got my second batch of the new formula and for some reason, this second one is not mixing well with the water. The powder settles at the bottom of the shaker & does not expand anything at all compared with the last batch that would become pretty thick if you left it in the fridge. What’s up? :slight_smile: I guess my question is; Is it suposed to be like this? :smiley:

yes, I did test to see if it happened with different flavors.


Man, changing the formula sure does seem to have been a big mistake.

For sure if they ever get around to answering your question, they’re gonna tell you that it’s supposed to do that. Like the whole sliminess thing. Every time somebody complains about it, they’re told “well we formulated like that on purpose so you have to drink it quick”.

I don’t understand why they would change a successful formula, thinking to themselves, well this is far too tasty and convenient. We need to make sure that it’s slimy, and has to be consumed immediately.

Hello @Bones221 and @thyrum!

Interesting finding regarding the mixing problem, never heard this problem before, can you PM me the batch code?

Regarding the sliminess, we tackled this problem with a different type of oatmeal. Since we changed the oats, the problem doesn’t occur anymore. We do however still advice to consume the shake immediately. Hope this helps!

Well, I’m not going to throw Jimmy joy under the bus. I actually like the new formula. The fact is that the last order I got from them before Xmas was fine. If you left it would get thick & not separate. I should add that I have not had any of the old formula so I actually wouldn’t know how to compare the two. But I know that compared to the last order I got of the stuff it’s not supposed to be like this.

I’ll PM you the pictures of the code & a picture of how the powder separates (from my shake this morning).

I’m having a similar problem… although it’s not downright separating, the texture of my newest order is a lot more gritty. No comparison with the smooth creaminess of my first order of the new formula that I loved so much : (