Powder not dissolving well

Hi! I’m new to Jimmy Joy. I found out about it through indie game developer Alva Majo, by the way. I’m drinking my second ever shake right now (vanilla) and I’m finding a problem: it seems that, no matter how hard or long I shake the shaker, I feel dusty particles in my throat when I drink the shake. This is a pity because it makes it unpleasant to drink. What am I doing wrong? Is it better if I use warm water?


make sure you pour water before the powder, thats an issue i had in the beginning. shake properly for 30 seconds or so and you should be fine. if its too much of an issue you can make it thinner by adding less powder or adding more powder. other then that, its really something to just get used to.

i like my shakes thicker, so you can experiment with that as well

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This suggestion is on point. Add 1.5 dl of water first and then add your scoops and what else you wanna put in there. Put on the lid of the shaker, pop open the spout and top it off with water. Then shake for 5 to 10 seconds and it’s perfectly mixed.

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I see. So, in summary, add half the water first, then scoops, then put on the lid, then pour the other half of the water and shake. Correct? And fridge-cold water is recommended? Because I was doing it with room-temperature water.

I usually use cold water myself, so I’m not sure how it affects how well the powder mixes. I know certain people prefer to keep it in fridge temperature to give it a thicker consistency.

Bottom line: First add some water, then add the powder, then add more water, shake.

hi there! I’ve heard about using warm water before - it seems to help! Although I’ve never tried myself… I would suggest leaving the shake in fridge overnight to let all the powder be absorbed by the water. That should do the trick! Let me know how it worked <3

PS: Mistoph is right: add a little water, then powder, then the rest of the water :slight_smile:

What I found oud is that while using warm water you get lumps. For me, best way is to start with room temperature water and after that adding or really cold, or hot water, depending on what I want.

I find that drinking straight away no matter the method can have a slight powderiness, but waiting as little as 20min smooths it out nicely as it absorbs the water.


That’s my experience as well!

Using more water also helps a little bit, but that way it is more difficult to get enough calories.