Shaker modification

Hey jimmyjoy-plennyshakeo’s,

Quick suggestion, a shake always needs 500ml of water, and i’m usually keeping my thumb on the side of the cup so i can see when it’s full. My idea would be to put like aa little red marker at the 500Ml line, i mean, since you’re already getting them printed, unless of course they’ll charge you extra.


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Got to say something too.
Please add a screen. Sometimes some powder sticks to the bottom.
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Have you tried adding some water first?

Of course. But i always pour the powder in the shaker in the morning and when i want to eat i just fill it with water. I don’t want to carry a bag with jimmyjoy-plennyshake around ^^

I didn’t find a proper solution to the powder which sticks to the bottom, so I pour 173mg of jimmyjoy-plennyshake in a separate recipient (like an emptier 50cL water bottle) & bring water and the shaker @ work. :neutral_face:

Ha, didn’t thought of that. :smile:
It is true and that metal sphere makes so much noise when carrying it around with just powder. :scream:
I have bags of jimmyjoy-plennyshake at the office so i do not have to bring it with me. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @BananaRunner! I’ll definitely pass it on to the team :-).
And also a good idea @theanonymguy, we are thinking of ways to prevent this from happening such as a rounder bottom! We understand that this can be frustrating.

One way to avoid powder sticking to the bottom is (after adding powder and water, and BEFORE shaking) immediately turn the shaker upside down and rap the side with your knuckles until the powder falls off and into the water.


First I put a little water in the bottom before adding the powder and the remainder water. Sometimes I mix with a hand blender to make the fluide beverage. This is very good even when I put less water. It only remains to put in a 750ml bottle that I carry around with me and shake before drinking.