How to make thicker shakes

Compared to other, competing powders JJ is relatively watery and not as filling, according to my impression. Do you have any advice on how to improve this? Maybe blending in additional ingredients like for example inuline, whey, glucomannan or chia? It should not only give a better feeling but also better and longer satiety.

Thanks for every advice!

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Yeah, this is one of the reasons I don’t use the Jimmy Joy powder, I don’t like the texture either.

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What do you use then?

The Jimmy Joy powder with whey in 2018 was the best complete food that I have ever had in my entire life. Nothing came close to it back then and even in 2021, no other company is capable of making such a perfect product as JJ did in 2018. The texture and taste were perfect and I was quite amazed as I thought a product like that needs 10+ years of development to nail it so well. After they radically altered it and the texture completely changed, I sadly had to look for other products as well.

I’m mainly vegan but I don’t limit myself so I disliked the decision of JJ to go 100% vegan, they had the best product on the market that is leagues ahead of anything on the market in 2021.
If somebody has some frozen JJ powder from 2018 then I would probably pay a very large sum for it or promise you my firstborn. I have tried out dozens of different companies/products and nothing comes close to that.

oof thats tough but relatable. sometimes theres just that perfect product out there but not enough people agree with you so it goes out of stock.

Jimmy Joy had no issues in selling it, they just wanted to go 100% vegan even if that means losing customers and taking a hit in revenue for 1-2 years. Also, I’ve read that plenty of people liked the Twenny bar more than the Plenny bar…

Now in the mass of vegan powders, Jimmy Joy lost its edge against the competition.

So if making it vegan was the problem, would it help to add milk? Maybe also plant based milk? Has anyone of you tried this? To me the problem seems to be the relatively low fibre and protein content, making it a bit more watery than its competitors. Maybe it helps to add protein powder or something like that, someone also suggested inuline but I have no experience with that and do not really want to experiment a lot, not to waste too much powder.
So further advice would be appreciated.

milk helped a lot for me, added a lot of taste, both with soya and regular milk. make sure you shake it properly tho and never put milk over the powder, milk first, add powder and then shake. (i usually add a bit of water and more water after i put the lid on to avoid spillage. thats why i mention it)

you can always just add more powder. 3 scoops and 400-500ml of water is very thick for me, perfect really

I only use the vegan vanilla powder from Saturo at the moment, and then some Plenny pots and bars.

Can recommend Psylium Husk powder for thickening up the shake. It’s a plant based fiber which thickens up any liquids it is mixed with. I personally add approx 3 teaspoons of this to my large shakers to thicken up the shake and to help with bloating.
So it is a great way to thicken up a shake and get some extra fiber! :muscle:

Thanks for the advice.
Does Psylium Husk not interfere with micronutrient absorption? I read that somewhere, just don’t know how much you need to consume for this effect to play a role…

I’d suggest making it ahead of time to start with if you want it thicker. 30min does a lot for the texture and thickness as the ingredients soak up the water. Give it a shake just before drinking.
You can reduce the water even further if you want. I’ve done as little as 150ml of water per scoop for thicker, let sit for 30min. You can always add extra water and shake it up if it is too thick.

Found this reference to an untraceable research from a website, so its authenticity may be dubious.

But research has found that a standard psyllium dose (usually a teaspoon, with about 4 grams of mostly soluble fiber) taken immediately before mealtime has little or no effect on vitamins or minerals.

Probably you already tried this, but using less water will also make the shake thicker (and more flavourful!)


How much water is everyone using? I do two scoops and fill the small bottle. So about 400ml and it’s crazy thick (I’m sensitive to texture, for example I can’t eat (plant based) yoghurts or mashed potato).

Am I missing something here?

Any thicker and I’d need a spoon.

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Has anyone tried inuline?

I put about 2cm of water in my shaker bottle and then put it on the scale and hit Tare. Then I pour in 173g of powder. I calculate the weight based on how many calories I want. Then I add more water and shake. I’ve never measured the water. If it’s too thick, I add water more and shake some more. If it’s too thin, I messed up, better luck next time. I can count on one hand how many times I made it too thin.