Small bit of bag plastic in PlennyShake? Just me?

Filing this under Community / General Discussion because I’m less interested in a response from customer support and more interested in knowing if other people occasionally get a small bit of plastic in their PlennyShake powder. I think it’s the same material the bag is made from. Maybe I just have bad luck. It’s happened twice this year. Both times the piece was about 1/2 cm squared.

On a positive note, the Tikka Masala is delicious. If I had a bigger food budget I’d be eating that all the time. I add a generous dash of habanero flakes to mine.

Hi @SomeJJDrinker ,

Thanks for bringing this up. I’m assuming you’ve been in contact with our support already? If not, I would strongly encourage you (and anyone else) to bring this to our attention asap. We work by the highest quality standards (BRC food) in our production facility, so we take issues like this very seriously. We are logging every quality complaint and take measures right away when things like this pop up.

P.S: Those habanero flakes sound like a good idea, I usually spike it with siracha sauce or sambal for some extra spice :smiley:

Yes, this happened to me once. Looking at the bit, about 4cm long, 0.5cm wide, it looked like it was a bit from cutting open a bag of ingredients. Very offputting to find this in the powder, and I think more care should be taken during the production process (well, mixing actually) The less nice thing is that I only found out when gulping the shake and it was already half way down my throat. I did not use a plenny shaker with the strainer in place but can tell you this was not a nice experience.

Naturally, I contacted support at the time. Mind you, this was years ago when they just moved to the archangel place in Amsterdam so suspected at the time it had to do with the production process not streamlined yet. This, in my opinion, should really never happen.

I’ve never had this happen

I have only had this happen once… A very LONG time ago (packaging was different back then and even the brand name was different) and mind you, I eat 3 shakes a day, some bars whenever I am hungry, and only had this once so there is really nothing to worry about.

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