Stone like things in my bags

Hello ive been enjoying jimmyjoy-plennyshake for som time but iam preety sure this last shipment i got must have been a bad batch cause at first i felt this really weird after taste which the ordinary banana dont have but as this is my first time on jimmyjoy-plennyshake sports i just thought that it was normal but now i start to get clumps that is as hard as stone i could litterally throw it in the sink without it breaking please tell me this aint normal

Best regards Tobias from sweden

My best guess is that those are just lumps of lumped banana stuff? Do you use that ball thingy in your shaker?

Hi @tobias

This indeed sounds like clumps of banana but I get that you’re not digging the whole drinking stones feeling. You can try putting your shakes in the blender or quickly mixing it with a fork (pressing the clumps) before drinking it!

I hope this helps!

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Yes iam using the ball (much better than the ordinary shaker filter i must say)

This is the clump i could not mash it with my hand strenght alone but i cutted it with a knife and it was a solid clump, noone of my other jimmyjoy-plennyshakes or my dads havet hade this clumps but it seems all of my sport bags has them in varying sizes my bags are from 2015-12-16 and expires 2016.06 so they should not be old, i filtered the bags content and found no clump but then i got them when i put in the water and shaked it, to bad i cant upload the video of me trying to mash it and throw it at the sink maybe its from the special sports ingrediens?

It shouldn’t have anything to do with the different ingredients in the Sport formula. Could you please contact me at I will put this through to our in-house food technologist. If we suspect anything wrong with your bags - we’ll be sure to replace them with a new batch!