White lumps in Plenny Shake Active

I noticed that there was a white lump left in my shake. The taste was very bitter, like medicine. And looking in the bag there are multiple of these solid white lumps.

Do you know what they are and if they are safe to consume?

Hey @GreatS ! Welcome to the forum and sorry for our late reply!

If there are these lumps in the bag and/or in the shake after mixing it energetically (first water, then powder), please, do not consume the product. Send us an email with the production/expiration date information to love@jimmyjoy.com and let us know about this. We will find a solution :green_heart:

Since it has a taste like medicine, it could be our vitamin-mineral mix, or the L-theanine, or caffeine (in the chai or coffee shakes). Better not to consume since we do not know what is exactly.

It also happened to me with the coffee Plenny Shake. I assumed it was the added caffeine that didn’t dissolve properly.

Indeed, it can be a caffeine lump and it wouldn’t be nice to get an extra caffeine boost :exploding_head: Better not to consume it and let us know by email so we can check it with our Quality Team :nerd_face: