There are bits in my strawberry Plennyshake and they are too big

I’m not sure is this is an adaptation of recipe that I ordered earlier but as I recall, there where no bits in that batch. The point is: I hate bits that are in a slightly sweet and milky solution. I still remember the nasty food like rice pudding that I was forced to eat as a child.

Please, I don’t mind the tiny seeds of the strawberry, but please grind up these much larger bits so that I don’t feel them in my mouth and throat.

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Those bits are indeed little pieces of strawberry. I’m sorry to hear you don’t like them! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

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I was hoping for an answer more like the lines of Red bits in Strawberry bags. There is a definite change in the texture compared to earlier batches. I sure hope that the same isn’t happening with the other fruit variations, like the banana and my favourite, the mango.

I understand! If you don’t like these bags there’s of course always the option to return the unopened ones to us, so we can refund you for it or send you different bags in return. Perhaps you can send us an email about this including some photos of the bits and a photo of the label that’s on the bag to so we can sort it out through email!