Why is new Plenny Shake formula only having 400 kcal per meal and not 500?

As far as I remember there was 500 kcal per meal in Plenny Shake Active, but now I see that it’s actually 400 kcal per meal which doesn’t really make sense. How can this be made for gym rats if you can only intake no more than 2000 kcal of it? It was much better with 500 kcal per meal but even 2500 kcal per day is NOTHING for gym rats. I knew that if I ever buy Plenny Shake Active formula with 500 kcal per meal I will need to mix some meals with milk so I can intake 3000 kcal per day, but this new formula which doesn’t make sense at all made it only more difficult. I am pretty sure that the majority of people who spend their money on this formula would rather prefer 5 meals = 2500 kcal than 2000.

I am really disappointed and I am pretty sure I am not the only person who is so unsatisfied about these changes. Please do something about it :frowning:


You are right that we changed it. It is on there because we need to specify a meal size for governmental regulations. You do not have to follow the suggested meal size though and can eat as big of a small meal as you like. We also updated our shaker sizes to have a small and a big one to help our customers with that flexibility of meal size.

Is it okay to eat 6x 400 kcal meal a day then? Or will it disturb vitamin balance or something?

Yes. If you are more active or a larger person you use more and need more. There are upper limits for some micronutrients but you won’t reach those if you take 6 meals.

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Is there any limit on how many limits of PlennyShake i can intake as maximum per day?

I would say to go with whenever you’re hungry. To get a more precise answer you can check the upper limit regulations by the World Health Organisation. But of course the best method is to test your actual blood levels and make sure those are ideal. Our formulation is based on what gives the highest change to be the most healthy to people on average but individual needs can vary.