Kcal to nutrition ratio for 30+ women

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I’ve been drinking Plenny shakes for more than a year. It’s a good product overall but I’ve noticed one thing: not only it’s hard to lose weight on Plenny, it’s actually hard for me to even mantain my weight… unless I’m okay with not hitting 100% of recommended values of certain nutrients. Which, um… no.

Yes, I know it all depends on person but to my understanding an average 30+ woman living a rather sedentary lifestyle (as many of us do) and having an office job needs max. 1800 kcal a day. If that’s the case, then there’s no way to get enough nutrients using Plenny shakes if you’re not ready to burn the excess… or am I missing something?

Again: I love shakes and will probably continue to use Plenny (fast breakfasts ftw) but it’s a pity it’s all so generic. I’m not big fan of cooking but can’t deny the versatility of regular food has not yet been mirrored by any shake product I’ve seen. If you’re a girl on your period, you eat more ferrum, if you’re working out hard, you get more calories and protein. I wish there was a way to recreate this in shakes and I hope that maybe one day somebody would offer us a basic flavored powder responsible for calories plus additional powders with macro- and microelements we could all mix to fit our individual needs.

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As you already noted, our products are based on the average intake of an adult and the exact need can of course differ per person.
For some more information on how our products work together with fat loss, I would like to refer you to his article: Complete Guide To Fat Loss [Checklist included] – Jimmy Joy

With the 1800 Kcal’s you would indeed be missing about 10% of the micronutrients and we will for sure share this feedback with our team of pro’s on this. Thanks for your feedback!


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Perhaps you could give supplement packs that people with lower calorie requirements could add to shakes?

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Love the suggestion! Added to the list for our R&D department.


I guess have slightly smaller shakes (10% less might be enough) and supplement with a broad (or not so broad, depending what you need to increase) spectrum vitamin/mineral supplement?
It might be hard for shake companies to produce a large range of different products without having to increase production costs, plus it’s easier to market a smaller product menu - potential customers don’t usually want to wade through a huge list of almost-identical products.


It will indeed be a rough one to get in there for us as all is based on the demand and market for something like that.
Nonetheless, any suggestion is taken into account, so thank you very much!

Ah I have the exact same problem. I love the shakes and I take them mainly for portion- and calorie control and getting enough nutrients. I’m just not someone who cooks healthy food. But, I have also noticed the shakes don’t stimulate weight loss at all, apart from the aforementioned portion control. Maybe it’s also because it might contain certain ingredients that aren’t necessarily good for me, some of the shakes make me more bloated than others. Just worried that if I take less, it will be harder to not eat anything else as it’s otherwise not filling enough. I also do intermittent fasting so I really only have 2 shakes per day during the week (combined with working out every now and then). So I probably don’t even reach enough nutrients per day anyway. But, if you make me cook my own food twice a day I bet it won’t even contain as many as 2 shakes :smiley: