Two years on Jimmy Joy, blood test results


I started using Jimmy Joy regularly since exactly two years, about 3 out of 4 meals were Jimmy Joy (vegan shakes).
I’ve just done a blood test and though it might be interesting to share.
Unfortunately it’s in french so you might have have to do some translating.
My discussion about it with my usual doctor wasn’t very informative. I’ll wait to meet another one to have a definitive opinion, but the results seemed good :slight_smile:
I’m a bit low on iron but I’m putting this on the fact I’ve been training for a marathon in the last 5 months and I had no additional iron intakes.

Here is the test:

Any comments or questions are very welcome!


Hello Doogle41,

Very interesting, thank you very much for sharing!

<3 Karel

Thanks for sharing! Wondering if you continued a JJ diet and had updates :slight_smile:

Yes I did continue without issues so far, I still eat about 80% of my meal as Jimmy Joy. I’m still happy with it and have converted a bunch of friends as of now, the Jimmy Joy arguments are pretty strong!
Only consistent thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve been lacking iron, and that’s probably due to the regular moderate exercise I do.

I’ll try to post an update when I do my next blood test.


This is very exciting, please keep us posted :smiley: