One year plus with Jimmy, blood test results

Dear JJ community,
I’ve been on Jimmy Joy for weekday breakfast and lunch since August 2018, and never had a chance to take a blood test. Recently I had an unrelated gastroenteritis, and went through a battery of tests, including blood and urine. I thought it’d be interesting to share the results. This is far from scientific, as I am a vegetarian and eat meals other than Jimmy, plus I don’t have a baseline blood test to compare. I do have a sedentary life, not much time for sport with a job and two kids.
Apologies though, for the tests are in Spanish.

I am pretty happy with the results, just got a bit much iron, and I am apparently peeing protein (!) something my doctor is looking into with additional tests. Also, B12 is within normal parameters, considering the dosage in the latest revision of JJ (1000%+ drv). I drink a mix of big bag and small bag plenny’s.

Anyways, hope this can shed some light on the results of the long term, partial use of JJ

Edit: the forum will only allow me to post one image, here are the full four pages if anyone is interested


Great results! Please let us know about the update on the iron and protein!


Same as @d.langelaan! Keep us posted. Perhaps your protein intake is a bit high and your body is disposing of it via urine?