Blood test result

Hey, I’m 29 and I’ve been on Jimmy Joy for many years and just did a blood test to make sure I’m not dying. Turns out I’m mostly not, and I thought I’d share the results here.
I estimate at least 80% of my food intake during these last 2 years has been exclusively Jimmy Joy.

Blood test results

What I’ve been said by doctor:

  • Lacking vitamin D, like most people here in winter (Belgium)
  • TSH too high, have to re check in a month. I didn’t get much details about this yet.

I see some other values out of expected ranges like “acide folique” but the doctor didn’t comment on that. I’ll have to go see my doctor soon to get that second blood test and I plan to ask about it.

Cheers, have a nice day!


Wow that’s bloody interesting! Thanks for sharing


Yes pls update us after your next visit to the doc