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Heavy metal content

Hi Jimmy Joy,

Would it be possible to give us an overview of the heavy metal content of Jimmy Joy products? (Chromium, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead)

(I feel like I’m asking way too serious questions, but if people are eating this as meal replacement, this is quite important.)

Hey there!

I have forwarded your question to our R&D super star Joanna! She will answer you within a few days.

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Hi there, do you already have an answer?
Before I start eating Jimmy Joy a lot, I would like to know the heavy metal content. Has an analysis of the heavy metal content been done? Thanks!

Hi Dennis, Joanna is currently very busy with some business meetings in Paris but I have just reminded her to take a look at your question as soon as she has some time :slight_smile:

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Do you already know more?

Hello d.langelaan

My apologies for the delay, but as my colleagues mentioned we had some busy days lately.

We actively monitor the presence of these metals in the food supply of our products, and all levels are below (or nule) the tolerable accepted amounts :wink:

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Joanna, I can honestly not believe that, after waiting for 2 weeks for a response, this is the answer you come up with. When a customer is asking about an overview of the heavy metal content, then I expect exactly that, and not that you are monitoring it, with some tolerable amounts (set by?). I want to see the data.

You as Jimmy Joy have many good things, but openness on the nutritional values of your food product and communication of that is not one of them. Take an example to Huel among others, all of the exact contents are published on their website. They respond immediately to questions on their forum. Here is the page where they publish about all their safety and quality controls, including heavy metals: https://eu.huel.com/pages/food-safety-and-quality-controls.
This is the one point that I majorly dislike about Jimmy Joy, the very limited openness.
Heavy metals might be a tough subject in the complete food industry, since Soylent got sued for it. Especially then, this means that you should be open about it.

So, would it be possible to also publish test results for the heavy metal content? Thanks