I would like to know the amount of heavy metals Plennyshake has

Dear all,

I was having a discussion now with two colleagues who are nutritionists and they raised a question that I would like to know. Is it possible to have the content of heavy metals?

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Hiya @joseestors!

That’s a very good question that we were wondering about not too long ago! We had jimmyjoy-plennyshake tested for heavy metals and posted this blog-post on the matter: https://www.jimmyjoy.com/blog/2015/jimmyjoy-PROP65. Here you can find all of the results.

If you have any other questions - feel free to let us know! :slight_smile:

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The link provided seems to be broken. I found an “alternative” one (looks similar enough, but obviously I can’t tell if the contents is the same): https://www.jimmyjoy.com/blog/2015/■■■■■■■-PROP65 (replace the squares with “joylent” - are you censoring your own brand name?) but it’s referring to the old brand (joylent ) and lacking the report link. Could you please provide the correct link to the report here?

Hello Regis!

It seems the post info has been deleted indeed. I’m gone dig it up for you. I’ll get back once I’ve founded the info!

(“are you censoring your own brand name?” Due to legal issues we changed our brandname)

It was not deleted. It just can’t be linked to here anymore because the old brand name was part of its address.

If you manually replace jimmyjoy with the old brand name in https://www.jimmyjoy.com/blog/2015/jimmyjoy-PROP65 then you will find it.

Heya Sooth,

The post not, but the essential information with the analyse results is.

Any update on that? :slight_smile: