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I noticed that the health and safety tests posted in How does Jimmy Joy perform their Quality Assurance? are now 2 years old or older. It would be reassuring to have these consistently updated, since conditions can change that consumers don’t know about, such as shifting supply lines especially in times like these, and particularly on such a sensitive topic since there have been lawsuits before over toxin content like the one against Soylent.

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Hi @J.devries,

Welcome to the forum! I forwarded your comment to our quality supervisor Laura. She holds a masters degree in health, food and innovation management so rest assured that quality assurance and food safety is top notch in our facilities.

I also asked our content team to update the page with the latest procedures and standards.

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Great, I look forward to an update


Hey Nino, don’t mean to pry but it’s been two days and I guess since you already have the tests it shouldn’t take long to upload them. Can you maybe just post them here?

Hey @J.devries I asked our QA department to update the page. It’s on the to-do list. They will also respond to your question as i’m not fully aware of the most recent QA procedures in place. It could be that we dont test that but I dont want to jump the gun on that answer.

What I do know is that 3-4 ago we tested our iron levels and created that page in response to reports of Soylents iron levels allegedly being too high. I dont remember what the outcome of this was but I think this turned out to be overblown. It also only applied to Californian laws.

Hi @J.devries,
I am Laura, the Quality Assurance Supervisor of Jimmy Joy. The updated article on food safety and quality assurance will follow shortly together with the latests results on heavy metal analysis on all our products.

I hope to have informed you sufficiently!

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Hi @J.devries ,

I want to inform you that the post on How does Jimmy Joy perform their Quality Assurance? has been updated with the latest results and corresponding information on quality assurance.

I would like to apologise that this took longer than expected.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

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