Ding One Year on Jimmy Joy

Thought I’d share my reasoning for why I begun this adventure, and a couple of reflections on how I feel today.

In short, I enjoy questioning the structure of our society that we’re bred into. Logic and science is a good measure to live by, and about a year after I first heard about Soylent I was ready to try it out. Thought it’d be interresting, and looking at how wasteful it is to ship food back and forth across the globe, combined with how much we throw away, it was the logical choice if you want to make the least impact on the planet as one person can do within the realm of food. Effectiveness ftw.

However, as Soylent didn’t ship to europe, I googled around and found jimmyjoy-plennyshake. At first I became quite sceptical as the price was way lower and they offered various taste options. But then I thought about how much control I have over what’s in the food I buy normally, and the answer is none, so why not just go for it. I had also decided to go all in. Perhaps eat normal food on weekends.

Turns out I basically went 98% jimmyjoy-plennyshake first month and have kept it since this past year. The random headaches at start from not being used to drinking enough water, and the gas, basically got normalized after the first week. Then I got this funny feeling in my skin for about two weeks. Like a tingeling feeling. Must have been some vitamin that I was missing cause now my skin is alot softer than before. Used to have very dry skin on my elbows. Now I’m soft as a baby :wink: Another thing I noticed was that my craving for sweets died off. I had almost quit drinking coca cola a few years earlier, but would still get cravings when I saw bottled coke :wink: Totally gone.

Besides two mishaps where jimmyjoy-plennyshake screwed up some ingredient making 1.5 of my monthly batches taste quite unpleasant, it’s been smooth sailing all year. +1 for great Customer Care btw.

With this new experience behind me, more energy to exercise, and not a single sick day besides one self-induced due to too much alcohol intake :wink: I doubt I’ll ever go back. When I hang out with friends and family I grab whatevers available food wise, but besides that it’s all jimmyjoy-plennyshake. My view of food is simply about feeding the machine. jimmyjoy-plennyshake tastes good, and I do not get bored since I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the most efficient way to get nutrition into my system at the moment. I save plenty of time which allows me to learn more about the world and to move forward with new ideas.

For now I stay truthful to jimmyjoy-plennyshake. Great price/performance. A pleasure to deal with Customer Care on the few rare occasions that I’ve had to. It gets the job done.

You may have noticed I havn’t discussed anything related to weight or so, it’s because it had nothing to do with my decision to go with jimmyjoy-plennyshake. It’s simply a more intelligent and efficient way to eat, and the byproduct is a healthy hazzle-free life.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I’m interested as to how you prepare your jimmyjoy-plennyshake – any tips for a newbie? :blush:

Congratz on the anniversary @snabel! Thanks for sharing your story, interesting read.

Ding 2 years,

Still going strong :slight_smile:


Awesome to hear!! :slight_smile: