Jimmy Joy after jaw surgery - Any Ideas how to make it smoother?

I had a big jaw surgery last week (bimaxillary osteotomy). And now my upper and lower jaw are tied together for 6 weeks, so that i only can eat liquid or smooth food. Therefore I use a plastic syringe like this:

EDIT: After a few weeks it became easier to eat JimmyJoy. (After wounds healed and pain was gone) … First I mixed it with soy yoghurt. Now I just drink 3-4 normal shakes per day. Seems Jimmy Joy is my life safer. Can’t eat anything without blending it.

Please help. thx


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I don’t have the answer you’re looking for alas.
But I’m very surprised your jaws are going to be tied for 6 weeks :open_mouth:
I’ve had a bimax + dislocation palatine, and my jaws haven’t been tied at all. When I woke up after the surgery, they were… free. And the surgeon insisted that I drink directly from the food bowl or a glass.
Weird… Different way to operate?

Anyway, all the best for a speedy recovery :slight_smile:

thx … Situation became better. Easier to eat now, less pain. They replaced the very tight rubber bands, with more flexible ones. Now I can open my mouth a little bit more. I can eat almost painless … but still easier to use that syringe, because my bottom lip is still very numb.

I mix Jimmy Joy with unsweetend soy yoghurt now. It’s easier to drink.

I also added beeries or chocolate and stuff … I never did that before, but if you are so limited, you are more in the mood to have an interesting varied taste

You could try one of these methods, they worked for me (though only tested with Huel, a different brand of powder).

note: I like molecular cooking. Therefore these tips may result in “food”
that is interesting from
a scientific point of view but often quite unpalatable or at best bland.

things im not: doctor, nutrition expert,


1.) before adding water, sieve the powder with either a medium/fine chinois mesh sieve or a tamis. Like this one:

2.) fill the shaker with 200ml of cold water

3.) add a third of the sieved powder.

4.) Mix gently with a hand whisk:
put the whisk in the shaker bottle,
hold it between the palms of your outstretched hands. Then rotate the whisk by alternately moving your left and right hand forward. (like warming your hands by rubbing them together when it’s cold).
Try not to move the whisk up and down because this will add air bubbles to the mixture, making it thicker.

5.) add a bit of water now.

6.) repeat steps #3 and #4 until finished.


  • Technically, I think, you’re just making a suspension of very fine jimmy joy powder in water. Similar to eating a spoon of dry powder and washing it away with a gulp of

  • I am not sure about whether you will
    absorb the same amount of nutrients this way. Also, the powder particles will dissolve in the stomach instead of in the shaker. possibly releasing some harmless CO2, but it might result in slight stomach cramps.

  • use water slightly below room temperature.

  • sieve the powder before mixing.

  • add water first. Make sure there always is a layer of water in the shaker on top of which you add the powder.

  • Do not use an electric whisk or blender,
    these will aerate the mixture, making it thicker and foamy.

  • drink the shake within 10 minutes of mixing, otherwise the (starches? / gluten ? ) will dissolve in the water, thickening the shake.

  • do not shake the bottle like the instructions on the packets say.

removing starch
(I have not tried this with jimmy joy, only with soups, but its worth a try)

also have a look at making consommés , a
french clear and watery kind of soup

1.) put the mixed shake in a tall narrow pan, like a stock pot, gravy jug or milk jug.

2.) put the pan on the stove and bring the mixture to a slow boil.

3.) When it boils immediately turn the heat to the lowest possible setting. Now move the pan slightly away from the center of
the heat in such a way that the left side of the pan will cool down while the right side stays warm.

  1. Starches (and other thickeners) will
    clump in the warm corner of the pan. remove this foam/clumps with a ladle or
    spoon. Throw them away.

  2. Move the pan a little, repeat step #1

  3. let the mixture cool to 60 degrees celsius then immediately strain through a mesh sieve. (and maybe a coffee filter afterwards).

For even better results google “egg white consomme clear method” though this would certainly be overkill.

good luck!


Thanks for your advice …

A sieve seems a good idea.

But seems to need a lot of time and effort.

For me the yoghurt is a good solution. I mix 5 tablespoons into a shake.

I wish this existed when I had my jaw surgery. I had to live on Nutridrink, soup and pureed fruit for 9 weeks :frowning:

Ugh, bummer! :frowning: Next time you break your jaw or have had any kind of face surgery preventing your jaws from being able to chew regularly, you know where to find us :wink: