How many grams in the 90CC scoop

Hi Everyone

New jimmyjoy-plennyshake user here and I have a question.

How many grams are in a scoop (the 90CC one)?
According to google, 90CC=90g
However the standard measure for 1 meal is 3.5 scoops or 173g
Surely 90cc(g) x 3.5 is 315g and not 173g?

I appear to have solved my own question with this handy link I found:


this will be really useful!!!
Thanks :smile:

A scoop (90cc) of jimmyjoy-plennyshake is around 50g.

90cc = 90g is true for water but other things have different densities, 90cc sugar ≈ 70g for example. But it also depends on how hard you pack it, you can get 60g of jimmyjoy-plennyshake into a 90cc scoop if you pack it hard, so if you need to be exact, get a scale.

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