Light Plenny Shake Chocolate Caramel dosage


After a long period with no Shake (traveling the world), I am back on the wagon!
However, I am a bit rusty and so, I got a bit confused with the Light Plenny Shake.

Not only it took me a while to notice the instruction on the label because it’s in Dutch but I have noticed it’s different than the one on your website!

On my bag, I have interpreted the instruction as Mix 100gr of Plenny Shake with 300ml of Water.
However, on the Nutritional label on the limited edition page, we have mix 100gr of Plenny Shake with 400ml of Water!

Considering I did my first shake with 300ml and it was way too grainy, I am nearly sure it should be 400ml but it could also be I didnt mix it enough?

Plus, what’s 100gr in terms of Scoops?
With the usual edition I would say 2 scoops (100gr x 3,5 scp / 174gr = 2 scp), but I don’t know if the limited edition has the same density as the normal one! I don’t have a scale so I can’t check it.
As you changed the dosage for the Light edition, you should indicate the # of scoops on the label…

Thanks for your help

The serving suggestion is just a suggestion, you can mix it to whatever consistency and serving size you like. Some prefer less water for e.g. and couldn’t be bothered to eat five times a day

173g was 3 scoops from an old packet I have here, which used to be a single 500ml water serving (1/3 of a packet, 520g here) and the light version has 20 or so less overall grams than the original. The hazelnut that I have here actually does recommend 400ml with the 100g of powder, so they’re recommending 2l of water per packet instead of 1.5l. I certainly won’t be following this recommendation :slightly_smiling_face: but you’re welcome to give it a go. I reckon the density is similar so 2 level scoops will be about 115g