Confusion about the 96g * 2 scoops label on the packaging

The packaging says
2 x scoop

So my mom and I where wondering. Do you mean:
2 scoops = 96g
2 scoops of 96 g (so 192g in total)

I originally thought it meant “2 scoops = 96g” because the (96g) is on a new line.
But the scoop itself has numbers that go up to 90g so then I came to the conclusion that “2 scoops of 96 g (so 192g in total)” is the correct answer.

But it did take some time to figure out, so there is a possibility to make this more clear on the packaging. Thanks for listening to me ramble. :slight_smile:

Hey Brian,

the package is right, it’s 2 scoops for 96 grams of powder.

The 90cc that is marked in the scoop is a ‘Unit of volume’ and translates to 45-50 grams of plenny shake powder.

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Ah that helps I misunderstood it too.