Bars V Shakes - thoughts?

Just wondering people’s preferences? I started in August using shakes to break my fast (I follow and intermittent fasting diet) - then I started to replace lunch with shakes as well. Now over the last few weeks this has shifted in favour of bars to the point where I could now replace all meals, a few days a week, with bars - just having the odd shake.
Just wondering what other people do? Do you think it makes any difference?

I like and use both! Sometimes I drink a shake, sometimes I eat a bar. Just depends on what my mood is for the day

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Personally, my favorites are the Plenny Drink & Plenny Pot. The sheer convenience is unparalleled! (although I might be somewhat biased, of course😉)

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Shakes only, as I have an allergy against nuts and prefer sweet flavours.

Look at the nutritional facts
Powders are way healthier, bars are really sugar rich

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Sure the bars have more sugar, but with less than 7 grams per 100 grams I wouldn’t say they are ‘rich’ in sugar!

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