If u get gassy, what gives u less gas - a shake or a bar?

The question is in the topic :smile:
Im trying to decide which option is better for my work lunches, but i can’t quite figure it out myself.

Rn im using shakes for breakfast and bars for lunch at work. I don’t think much about that problem when im at home in the morning, but at work i notice it a lot. Maybe that’s just my social anxiety, but maybe bars indeed cause worse flatulence? Idk, please share your experience :yellow_heart:

hey @pogloschenie!
Have you been eating Plenny meals for quite some time?
Due to the increased fiber in the diet and the probiotics, there is usually an adaptation phase in which there is some flatulence. If you still experience this reaction after a few weeks of eating the Plenny meals, it’s possible that you’re having trouble digesting one of the ingredients, such as soy or oats. Have you tried them on their own?

Try eating/drinking the Plenny meal more slowly, exercising regularly, and staying hydrated.

and let us know how it goes! :smiley:

Thank u for the suggestions! I’ve been having bars for lunch for the last 2 months so maybe it really is due to an ingredient. I also have a pretty sensitive stomach, and the majority of regular foods tends to give me some unpleasant sensations as well.

Gonna switch to shakes for both breakfasts/lunches for some time and will see how it goes :^)

Actually I’ve started microwaving my shakes to room temp after I’m taking them out of the fridge and noticed that it helps a bit! So that’s nice and if someone is having similar problems and whiny stomach, u could try this too