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Hello and help! V2 makes me incredibly gassy

Hi everyone and greetings from Finland! Have enjoyed Jimmy Joy V1 and recently started ordering V2. I really enjoy the texture and flavor of the new formula and am happily consuming it for breakfast and lunch on weekdays.

However, as is relatively well known, some people (myself in particular) do suffer from increased flatulence with the V2 formula.
I mean, it’s pretty apocalyptic al and it goes like clockwork. Roughly 4.5 hours after my JJ meal, the gas starts coming and doesn’t stop for 5 hours or so.
I recently started experimenting with the Finnish equivalent of Beano to see if it’s providing relief, but it’s not making a significant enough difference even if I go over the recommended dosage.

So here I am! Asking the community to hear what has worked for you. So far I’ve tried to utilize all the tips I’ve found from the forum and other sites, but it seems like my gut bacteria are just too happy producing gas. I didn’t have this issue with V1. And while I don’t mind the farting, my wife is getting kinda fed up with it. And I really don’t want to stop eating Plenny Shakes.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Same problem.
I have found that my activity level has great influence on the gas production.

When I’m active during the day (not sports, just like gardening and walking) the gas production is pretty low or non existent.
If I’m inactive during the day (office work or couch potatoing), the gas production becomes explosive. Literally. I’m sure I could provide enough gas to heat up a small village.
I live alone, so for me it’s not a huge problem.

I found that v2.1 was a slight improvement over v2.0. Never tried v1.0


Hm, I’ve heard about gas complaints before but that was mostly in the earlier years of our company. I used to have it myself, but I haven’t had any complaints (or at least, not more than usual :wink: ) since the improvements made. I think it stopped for me when we went vegan. Perhaps you guys should test for allergies to the ingredients?

I also had some gas problems so I added some husk fiber (1tsp ground psyllium husk / 800kcal) to the shake which reduced the problem and firmed up my stools. 1tsp might not be enough for you though so don’t be afraid to try higher doses until you find the perfect ratio.

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Amazing tip, hope people will try this out and let us know if it worked for them too!