The Joy(lent) of wind

So I don’t know about you, but having been on 3 meals a day for a while now has made me keenly aware of the noises in my trousers.

I gather it could be because of an increase in the amount of fibre I now ingest on a daily basis. I’ve started taking additional probiotic bacteria daily, which someone recommended, but it’s too soon to see if that’s made a difference.

Has anyone else been trumping up a storm? If so, should we start a Wind Ensemble?

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I used to have exactly the same! It’s over now, but I think that it, indeed, has something to do with bodies normally not getting enough fibres… Oh well, at least it’s good to know they now do get enough. :slightly_smiling:

So, sadly I’m not able to join the Wind Ensemble (I also, admittedly, forgot how to read scores). However, I’ll be the first to come to a concert once you’ve gathered a nice group and practiced a bit. :slight_smile:

Not really related per sé… But it’s probably the best opportunity I’m going to get this day:
A colleague yesterday sent this wonderful review of sugar free Haribo gummy bears to me, and I thought it was a good laugh xD and, for more;

Now back to serious matters:
I do hope this won’t bother you for too long. For me, I think it started about one week after I started eating two or more meals a day. The first week it was worst, then it started to decrease, until two months thereafter at which I was ‘normal’ again. (AND A HOOMPLYTHUMP! I’m also a hoomplythump!) (\ :slightly_smiling:

Shhhh… don’t talk to loud about it, the government might make you install one of these bad boys… =)

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For what I’ve read on the French forums, pretty much everyone had to face this issue when taking shakes on a regukar basis, but it stopped after a few days (few being… I don’t know).

First days were quite…baloony. But currently I notice a pattern of ehm… getting fluffy a while after eating muggle food. Otherwise I’m fine when going full jimmyjoy-plennyshake with just the occasional veggy and fruit snacks.

Yes definitely noticed the increase! It can also be the increase in proteins however. I had it before when I was drinking a lot of protein shakes.

Hmmm. after a few months, there is still a distinct difference for me. I might go and pay my doctor a visit.

i’ve been on 90 days of almost exclusive jimmyjoy-plennyshake, i noticed that i only get stinky gas if i eat some other stuff and then consume jimmyjoy-plennyshake, and stinky gas is not a lot of fun hahaha.

Being that I am schooled in America, I am given a lot of stats regarding us as a nation, the average American intake is only 10 grams of fiber, the daily required intake for women is 25 grams and 38 grams for men up to the age of fifty. After fifty is should drop to 30 grams for men and 21 grams for women. In all actuality, one could eat 60grams a day, some countries even recommend more. A theory about the American DRI is that this set it lower, to make it more realistic for people who currently are at 10 grams.

There are two main types of fiber (soluble) aka fermentable fiber which dissolves in water and (insoluble) which does not. Within jimmyjoy-plennyshake are oats which is known for having soluble fibers, the reason why it’s referred to as a fermentable fiber is that essentially it feeds the good bacteria in your gut. This is where the alleged gas can come from, essentially the gas is bacteria poop. =)

I have a recommendation you can try to see if it helps you out, there is a fiber called Psyllium Husk that I recommend to my clients, you can find it here as an example you can start with 8 grams, split throughout the day. (it can be gradually increased up to 20 grams a day) This can help in theory due to Psyllium Husk having both soluble and insoluble fibers. The insoluble fibers can have the opposite effect of soluble fibers when it comes to gas production. Give it a try and let us know if it works, I am curious.

Last thing to mention, while consuming a diet that includes a fair amount of fiber it is recommended you ensure to drink enough water. Minimum is 8-10 glasses a day.

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i noticed that i only get stinky gas if i eat some other stuff and then
consume jimmyjoy-plennyshake, and stinky gas is not a lot of fun hahaha.

Exactly what I experience. Just jimmyjoy-plennyshake all day is no problem, but when I eat regular food during the day too, I usually start to produce gas… quite smelly gas indeed.

There was a time when I always had a huge fruit smoothie for breakfast, consisting of 4 bananas, 2 oranges and some spinach. During that time I also produced a lot of gas throughout the day, so it might just be that liquid food doesn’t combine well with solid food. Or maybe my fruit smoothie also had a lot of fiber in it?

Someone I know who’s reading into juice fasting suggested excess gas might be the result of not chewing. When chewing, our food is mixed with saliva which contains enzymes that start pre-digesting it. When this step is skipped, the gut bacteria have more work to do, thus producing more gas. At least that was what she read on a website about juicing.

So ‘chewing’ your jimmyjoy-plennyshake, thereby mixing it with saliva, might reduce the production of nasty gasses in the gut!

Or gum, lots of chewing-gum. :slightly_smiling:

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This is a common issue that usually disappears within a few days to a week. As @TheYsconator mentions, it has to do with your body suddenly receiving more (read: the correct amount of) fibres than it is used to :slight_smile: .
As horrible as I feel for all your so’s; it’s actually healthy!

I have just ordered my first 5 bags of jimmyjoy-plennyshake in retail and now I fear that an alien starts producing strange noises from my stomach!
I don’t think that I usually eat a lot of fiber so I should fear :joy:

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I also chew gum while eating jimmyjoy-plennyshake as to help stimulate the saliva glands. It seems to do a pretty good job. =)