Acid reflux with the bars

I used to love the jimmy bars around then they came out and never had any issues.

I decided to try them again recently and found they give me moderate acid reflux lasting the whole day, pretty much immidiately after eating just one. I’ve gone through the couple boxes from my order now and noticed it every time.

The powder or premixed drink are fine. and I never get acid reflux from any other foods. I also don’t have any food intolerances.

Anyone else had this happen or might have an explanation, maybe something in the newer recipe? Whats in the bars that isn’t in the mix?

Also this is unrelated but the pizza bars were disgusting. I can see why you removed them from roster. I’ve never had something taste so distinctly like pizza but be so inedible at the same time.

I eat one almost daily and never had that problem. My last shipment was not very recently, though.

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Hey @ziggyonline! welcome to the forum!

We are very sorry that the bars are giving you gastric discomfort. If you tried our first bars, the Twenny bars, know that they used to contain whey. Now, the Plenny Bar is oat and soy-based (just like the rest of our products). It might be the flavors that you are consuming. Which did you try?
It is known that chocolate and coffee might cause reflux so the chocolate or the hazelnut coffee bar might affect you.
There is also the possibility that you might be eating it too fast. Then it can be a bit heavy for your stomach.
Let us know which is your case :blush:

I’ve had the vanilla, chocolate and caramel, which all have the same result.

Not sure what it could be. I’ve never had issues when drinking coffee, or eating chocolate.

If you ever figure it out, let me know because I used to love them.

Another possibility is that you are eating it too quickly. Because the Plenny shake and Plenny drink are liquids, the 400kcal that enter your stomach are not as compact as 400kcal from a solid, dense food like the Plenny Bar. Make sure you’re getting enough water and that you’re eating it slowly.
Let us know if there is any change in the feeling after eating a bar :blush:

Every few years I forget just how much water I need to drink alongside these products, and end up with similar issues ^_^.

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I usually take a shaker full of water with the bars. Seems to be a fitting amount :person_shrugging:

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I can eat the (vanilla) bars with no gastric issues without water, but it does take 10min+. So maybe eating more slowly might indeed help OP.

It is true that if you choose the bars you’ll have to drink separately even if it’s not at the same time. This makes the drink more convenient for use “on the go”, in my opinion.