Going for easy is it still healthy?

Hi all

I am planned to use the plenny bar for the mornings. But I am doubting to use a plenny bar or shake when I have lunch.

I am someone that gets stressed by choice and I always followed the main rules of society but idk if that works for me.
I also choose some very debatable quick fix solution and I think in long term for me is less thinking is better.

So my question is
I would replace 3 of my lunch meals with a plenny bar or shake. Would that be a good choice?
I would use the other 4 lunches to have like a salad or a lunch I make myself.

Why I ask is bcuz I am always fixated on the amount of vegetables daily but is it that important?

Thanks already for any response bcuz it always help me.

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It’s super personal what does and does not work for people, that needs to be said firstly.
Some people don’t get full on a shake in the morning for example, the Bars do the trick then, or the other way around.
It’s all about the goal, if you just want to replace some of your traditional meals, it sounds like a good way to start as you noted it. You can adjust accordingly where needed based on the experience you have.

Hope you find your way in it! <3