New Plenny Shake PISTACHIO

:confetti_ball::green_heart:NEW Pistachio flavour is here!
Possibly the tastiest Plenny Shake we ever made!

It has a velvety smooth texture with a slightly sweet taste and an earthy nuttiness that works especially well with milk alternatives.

Aside from being yummy, it’s also 100% nutritionally complete. Just like you’re used to :+1:

:white_check_mark: High in protein
:white_check_mark: High in fibre
:white_check_mark: Low in sugar and salt
:white_check_mark: Low in saturated fats
:white_check_mark: 26 vitamins & minerals
:white_check_mark: 100% vegan

Throw in some ice cubes, chuck your Plenny Shake in the blender and enjoy an iced, pistachio flavoured Plenny Shake! Bring on those hot summer days :sun_with_face:

Get Plenny Shake Pistachio now!


And it’s sooo good! Even though I’m actually not the biggest pistachio fan, I really do enjoy this flavor! :drooling_face: :heart_eyes:

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Thank you Jeannine!

I am so happy that pistachio is the new flavor!

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Just had my first pistachio shake (half milk/half water), love it already. Totally makes me think about Sicilian granita.


I have just tried the new flavour, but I have to admit that I definitively don’t like it. It just has a strong “bad” almond aroma, the same one as it is used in parfumes/shower gels/etc. It also seems that there are no real pistachios inside, since they would probably have to be mentioned as an alergen.


I ordered 2 packs. Enough to try -.- I don’t think it’s bad. I like it. Not like pistachio but like pistachio ice cream - the homemade powder from the Italian restaurant …

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Will you be bringing this flavour to the Active range?

hey Akolsek! Indeed, we don’t use pistachios because we don’t want to deal with this allergen in the shakes (cross-contamination in the production area), but we enjoy the flavor so much that we figured out a way to make it happen without adding an ingredient that would exclude some of our customers :green_heart: We chose this flavoring since it gives a subtle ice cream taste. Sorry you didn’t like it :frowning:

Sorry to hear you did not like it. pro tip: Try it with oat milk. I think this is when the pistachio ice cream aroma really comes out

It depends if enough people like it and request it as an active flavour.

Yeah, I can understand the concerns regarding the alergens. Maybe a question out of ignorance, but isn’t mango also an alergen (at least my friend is alergic to mango), but it is not written in bold on the package?

I had few meals (also with oat drink) of pistachio flavour, but I just cant get over the almond aroma.

Well, an allergen is any substance that causes an allergic reaction. There are so many things that can trigger the immune system reaction but this depends on the person. However, there is a list of the most common allergens and those are the ones that have to be written in bold on any food product: cereals containing gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts (nuts in general), soy, fish, crustaceans, mollusks, celery, lupin, sesame, mustard, and sulfites.
Other allergens are considered less common because the allergic incidence in the population is very low like red meat, fruits (citrus, apple, mango, pineapple, avocado), corn, mushrooms, etc.

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I don’t taste any pistachio, just almond paste. To the point where I think it makes more sense to just replace the word pistachio on the packaging with almond and call it good. It’s not a flavor I’m looking for in a shake, but I’m not surprised if others like it.

But now I’m wondering if this is one of those genetic things around the taste of almond. Does this actually taste like pistachio to others?
To be fair, the strongest thing I usually taste when I eat pistachio nuts is probably the added salt, so maybe I just don’t know what Pistachio nuts taste like ^_^.

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I ordered a bag and didn’t liked it at all, and also it really tastes more like almond than pistacho. Not my cup of tea.
That said, I really like you add new flavours to the menu, and I hope you’ll continue adding more in the future.


some friends said that it tastes like almond and some others that it tastes like pistachio. It is really weird. For me, it is pistachio ice cream flavor. Have you tried adding ice to it?
I mean, I never tried almond ice cream so I immediatelly link the flavor to the pistachio one. Not sure if it is about the taste buds or just exposure to the flavors in general. Would you say that the shake tastes like marzipan? That is the most almond flavor sweet I can think of.


Ahhh, yeah, I suppose it might be related to prior experience. It mainly reminded me of the almond paste in “Kerststol”, but maybe that’s I’m not all that familiar with pistachio ice cream, and I haven’t tried adding ice to it yet, might be worth a shot.

Have we found “the dress” of JimmyJoy flavors?

Let’s poll it. Pistachio plennyshake tastes like:

  • Pistachio
  • Almond
  • Both Pistachio & Almond
  • Other

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90% of all the food I eat is Plenny Shakes. I’ve tried all the flavours, and I’ve also combined them. I really like for example one scoop of vanilla mixed with 1 scoop of either chocolate or coffee.

When I first tried the Pistachio one, I mixed it with cold almond milk instead of water. And OH BOY - This is BY FAR the best taste!! I had to replace strawberry from my subscription, to add another Pistachio - and I won’t be surprised if I end up adding another one as well!

Thanks for this great taste addition! I’ll add that my next wish for a flavour would be Peanut Butter, or Pumpkin Spice! Mmmm… Something savoury would be great!

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