New Plenny Shake PISTACHIO

Hi Ari Benjamin,

Thank you for the tips! I personally really like to mix banana and coffee (1:1) :drooling_face::+1: Have you tried this combination?

We’re working hard on developing new flavours. One of them will be launched soon :shushing_face: ))

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Ouuh! No, I’ve tried chocolate and banana, but not coffee banana! I’ll try it for the next shake! (I’ll give you an update on opinion after!) :slight_smile:

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Ohh I definitely think it tastes like pistachio! And I loove it! I personally hope they never change it haha… I even used Almond milk in it, and still thought it tasted pistachio! With the almond milk, I think it tasted a hint in the direction of pistachio ice cream however!


I tried pistachio twice now. Once with water and 2nd time with milk. Tbh, I don’t taste much of the "pistachio " either. I dont dislike it. It’s an okay taste. But a bit of a letdown for me personally. I usually love a pistachio ice cream or milkshake. But the taste is just not strong enough for me.

Again, luckily I don’t dislike it. But probably won’t order a second time.

But ofc I love how active you guys are with all the new developments! :+1:t2::smiley:

To me it tasted like almonds which im not a huge fan of haha

Just tried the Pistachio flavour - not a fan all I taste is almond (for which I’m allergic) :cold_sweat:

I also just tried it.
It clearly tasts like Almond and i liked it at first but what is that bad chemical aftertaste about?
This ruined the experience completly for me - i don’t know yet if it comes from the Pistachio Flavour or from the stainless steel shaker (was first time use of both) but i rinsed the Shaker before first use with water as i do always with new Shakers.
I will try agian with another Shaker and if the aftertaste persists i will give it away or try mixing it with Oatmilk or other Flavours (any good combinations of Flavours with Pistachio/Almond found yet?).

It goes very well with the coffee flavour IMO, one of my favourite combinations - but it tastes like pistachio for me, so you might have a different reaction!


Oehh Pistachio coffee, I’ll have to try this one :drooling_face:

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This does the trick!
Mixing it 1:1 with Coffee Flavour gets rid of the bad aftertaste and even brings out a flavour i recognize as Pistachio instead of Almond.
I think i can implement it as second Shake of the day (not enough caffein for 1st Shake but to much for dinner(i just tested in the evening but thats just because i’m impatient and wanted to test it)).

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Hi all,
Sorry to bring this back! I just received my order with the new flavours, passion fruit, coco…and PISTACHIO…!
I’ve been reading the thread and I’m sorry to be on the dislike team…
I understand the problem with allergens, I guess it would taste better with real pistachio.
Note I love pistachios, almonds, and their ice creams but… for me it does not taste like almond nor pistachio, it totally tastes like artificial cherry! The one of candies, lolipop, and I hate this flavor…
I’ll try it with oat milk, and I hope I can finish the bag… :cold_sweat:

Eager to test the rest of the flavors,
thank you for your work!

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