Our NEW Plenny Shake flavour - Coconut is here!

Hi all!
We can’t stop launching Plenny Shake flavours… so we’re super excited to present you Plenny Shake Coconut!

It has that sweet summer vibe, with a creamy tropical flavour unlike anything else.
Make summer last forever, get your Plenny Shake Coconut right now! (EU only for now)


Is there real coconut in there? 'Cause passion fruit and pistachio were really disappointing for someone with tastebuds and a connection to the real world …


“coconut milk powder”

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Thank you, Valerian. Where do I find these ingredient sheets? I wanna know which shakes are also false advertisement.

You can find the sheets on the corresponding Product page → Ingredients information → $Flavour.
I don’t think it’s “false advertisement” but I’m no expert in the field of negativity towards my favorite food supplier in general :smiley:


When will there be a new flavour for the Active Shake? And when will there be a new ready-to-drink flavour?
Or, to be more precise: When will you introduce a coffee flavour for those other products?

Has anyone tried mixing passion fruit with coconut?

At least passion fruit shake with coconut water is amazing! It somehow elevates the passion fruit taste to the next level, works really well. I’m wondering, if the same applies on passion-coconut shake mix… :yum:


I did but im not a fan of both flavours, so i didn’t enjoy the result either :sweat_smile: