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Hi @caoilte! Welcome to the forum first of all, great to have you here! <3

You can add the two bags, then remove one from the cart if you only want one bag for the order, no problems!

If you need any assistance going forward, please feel free to check in with us on the Live Chat or through


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Hi team,

If it’s not too late to ask questions, I’d like to add two:

  1. How are things looking with your plan to get biodegradable packaging up and running by 2022, any updates for us?

  2. In the meantime, have you considered larger bag options for your regular Plenny shake recipes? I’m aware packaging multiple different sizes would probably have significant implications for the process in your production facility, so maybe its just a pipe-dream, but because your bags are significantly smaller compared to a competitor like Huel, someone consuming JJ inevitably ends up creating more waste.

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It’s never too late, sorry for my belated reply!

  1. We’re super busy with this and are currently testing recyclable pouches. However, we have not found a good material yet that is recyclable and contains the flavour and quality of the product which we of course value highly as well. So it’s a work in progress there still.

  2. We have already increased the size of the bags once but we need the regular line to be small enough so it’s accessible to all as you will understand. I have, however, received confirmation that we will consider the larger bags in the future for the same reasons you note. So not that much of a pipe-dream at all :wink:

Thanks for your questions!



such a interesting.

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I would be 100% on board with this!

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Thanks for offering @juanfrcaliz :heart:
The process for this has not changed though, we always look for people close to our R&D facility in Amsterdam.

I would really like to know why you still have only 2 flavours in a a Ready To Drink formula?? Many brands have way more (and really delicious too honestly), but they are not suitable for TOTAL meal replacement. Medical drinks for sick people lack in fiber and are also in addition to real food. In 8 years since I’ve been using Plenny shakes on and off and in those years so many is developed by your company but only 2 RTD’s. I tried the pots… but you cannot put just boiling water on them because it’s still raw after letting it sit for a while. Bars (I got 2 for free once) I cannot eat because they are so hard your jaw will break.
Maybe the pots and bars were a bad batch… but because you need to order so many I don’t dare to give it another try (a lot of euro’s straight into the garbage bin).
Last year due to serious health issues I haven’t been able to eat more than 3 real meals a week at most, when I’m able to visit family. I’m bed-ridden most days of the week and I would really like to be able to get ALL of my nutrition by Plenny. Meanwhile I dont’t even have a working sink so the shakes you can make yourself are not a real option.
And I’ve noticed the delivery process isn’t what it used to be: no track and trace anymore and delivered 4 days after ordering at 10 p.m.
Well this were more complaints than it were questions… but I would really like to regain some health by getting enough calories in the easiest way possible. As far as I know your products are the only ones scienyifically tested as adequat meal replacement so that’s why I keep coming back to Plenny/JJ.
So what’s up with my experience with the pots and bars?? And is it still possible to get next day delivery by (Netherlands).
Kind regards, Petra

Hey Petra!

Your input is greatly valued. If you have any further problems with any of our products, please contact us at and we will work with you to find a solution. You can also take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the items you purchased.
Consider the following situations:

  • The pots are designed to be ready to eat after 5 minutes of pouring and properly mixing the specified amount of boiling water. To modify the consistency of the dish, you might add a little less water.
  • Usually, if you place your order on a Friday afternoon/evening, it will be delivered on the following weekday. If you place your order before 3 p.m. on a weekday, it will be delivered the next day (please consider the holidays as well).

And regarding the Plenny Drink flavours, we are developing new ones as we speak. Stay tuned :smiley:
The flavour development takes a long time but we are on it!

We’re sorry you’re experiencing medical issues; it must be challenging. We hope our meals can help you.

Thank you for your reply Laura,

I had made them like you suggested, because I always already used to do so with other “pots” or noodles from the supermarket. Regular food. And some brands have the exact same problem, others are doing fine… so I hope it was just a bad badge.

It was about a year ago and I wasn’t aware if a 30-day money back guarantee.

Luckily i saw a mix-package so I ordered to give it a try again because the taste itself waa good. Unfortunately the new tastes are only available in a 10 meal bag.

And I think I discovered a way to fix undercooked/raw pata/rice/noodles: NUKE them in the MICROWAVE!!!

ALSO ordered a mix-package of the bars. Why I had 2 bars that were so hard you even couldn’t chop them op in pieces is still a miracle. That was a gift years ago but kept be from ever ordering those. And no I fid not save them for years😅.

And the complaint about the delivery was not how many days it took but the fact there was NO track and trace, no indication which day, just nothing at all. This time I opted for DPD but I was used to Jimmy Joy using in the Netherlands which is very liable in giving updates.

EXCITED to hear there will be new taste in the RTD’s!!!:grin:

We’re glad you’d like to give them another shot! :smiley: Now that you’re aware of the guarantee, please contact us via email or chat if you have any questions. Please don’t microwave our meals; they’re not meant to be heated that way. After you’ve added the boiling water, be sure to cover the saucepan with the lid or another cover.

We’re sorry you got two bars that were so incredibly hard :frowning: The bars are hard but soft enough that a soft bite can be taken from them. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

We usually use track and trace, so if you don’t receive it, please check your spam folder or contact us and we’ll look into it :green_heart:

What are the most popular flavours? Which products have the largest sales numbers?

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You already have the 25 meals per bag option in shake active so… Maybe is not such a crazy idea to have both formats.

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What are the most popular flavours? Which products have the largest sales numbers?

For the Plenny Shake that would be this top3:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Chocolate
  3. Banana

The favorite with the Bars is by far the Caramel Sea Salt Bar.


How much total potassium is in a vanilla bar? I recall you saying that the numbers listed only included what you’ve added.

Any insights about potentially new Plenny Bar flavours? I am getting a little tapped out with the existing ones.

Me too. Nibbling on an Apfelstrudel bar in this moment.

Nothing I can tell you about yet, but what would you like to see as new addition?

Tell us what you would like to see as new flavours, we can have that sent over to the R&D department for you.


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Sorry for the late reply here!

The potassium amount in the Plenny Bar - Vanilla is 400mg per 100gram of product.
You can check the full breakdown here: Plenny Bar V3.0 - Complete meal bar with 26 vitamins & minerals – Jimmy Joy when you scroll down a little.


Thanks for responding, Daniel! Now, I know that the pizza flavour was not popular, but I would love to see a savoury flavour. Often I have a bar in the evening when travelling and the sweater tastes (which I do not prefer anyway) are a little irritating.

Not sure, how the market in general feels about a savoury option, as in some sort of Herbs de Provence for example.