Food certification?


in this thread: Quality Testing & impact on health

You mentioned that you are certified by the “Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority” and someone after that asked how could that be checked/confirmed but an answer was not provided.

Could you please elaborate?

Thank you.
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I’m bumping this thread. I’m new here on the forum and to JJ products. I was going through the forum just now and noticed that this post, despite being 6+ months old, has remained unanswered by the company. This is somewhat surprising. If JJ does indeed posses a certificate as they claim they do, I think customers as well as potential customers have the right to know this, so the proof should be made public here. Thanks.

Sorry for never answering you guys! @sinterklaaskapoentje thanks for the heads up (your username made me giggle btw).

We currently work with a HACCP system and are working towards a BRC certification.



any update on the topic to get certified by a Food Safety Authority. I could not find anything on the webpage or in this forum. It makes me worry a bit, that this was never answered.


Hey, the FDA and EFSA both visited and approved our operations.