Fair trade ingredients in your products

Dear Jimmy Joy team,

I’m interested in which ingredients of your products are fair trade. I’ve seen that your chocolate bar contains fair trade cacao. Does this also count for your other products containing cacao? What about coffee beans and the mango? And how do you make sure no ingredient of your products is created by exploiting any workers?

Thanks a lot for your reply!


Hey @BobRonn,

We appreciate your concerns! At the moment, the cacao used in the Plenny Bars is fair trade, and our freeze-dried mango is under the “fair for life” initiative. However, when we choose a supplier, we make sure that the quality of their ingredients and the workforce conditions are the best.
The origin of our ingredients is very important for us and getting to know all the supply chain is something we would like to check in deeply. Since we already have a couple of ingredients with the certifications, the inevitable path is to get more ingredients following this trend :green_heart:


What I think would be cool is to get a peek into some of the suppliers via instagram. Like a post where they say hello! I think its really cool that you have some fair trade stuff in the mixes, and it would be cool to get more insight into where the stuff that goes into your comes from.

Maybe you don’t need to tell us the exact companies. (that might be trade secrets obviously.) But to see a photo of the farm where stuff is grown, or a photo of some of the people who work there could be cool, because it makes it more ”real” if that makes any sense.

Sometimes its so easy to get disconnected from the fact that someone has made the things we eat, and that someone has grown the stuff that goes into it. So seeing part of that process, might make it more real in a sense and it might be a cool way for us to show appreciation as fans to everyone who helps make Jimmy Joy.

From the farm to the factory to the shipping. Everyone that is part of that process is important and it would be cool to get to know all the parts and people who make the products that we love possible.


@Laura.A Thanks a lot for your reply. It is great to hear that you care about the working conditions in your supply chain. I’m already looking forward to see you getting a fair trade certification for your whole products. :blush: