Ingredients Sourcing


Recently bought Jimmy Joy and thinking of placing a second order.

I’d like to know how locally the ingredients for the shakes - vegan one in particular - are sourced (in particular if they are sourced outside the EU)?

[Other meal replacement brands display this information but there is no such information on the Jimmy Joy website]


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Hello Reuben,

In order to answer your question, I have to ask a few suppliers for the information about the origins. Let me get back on this subject, once I have all the info.


Hey Reuben,

Almost all our ingredients come from Europa, just the flax seeds and the soy comes from Canada and our ground vanilla beans are from Madagascar (making the vanilla real Bourbon vanilla!).


Hi, I was about to post a similar question and got notified about this discussion. But I would like to know a bit more in-depth about Jimmy Joy’s sourcing. First, the answer to the question doesn’t make clear whether the companies the ingredients are sourced from are huge and industrial (for example, soy bean farming can also greatly impact the environment if not done in harmony with the existing ecosystem) or more small-scale/environmentally mindful companies. Since plants does not equal sustainability. Second, I’m not only concerned with the environmental footprint of Plenny Shakes, but also whether the people who work at these companies get a fair pay. The best way for me to find out such things is if Jimmy Joy was transparent about the names of the companies it sources its ingredients from. So could you please list the companies that provide the main ingredients for Plenny Shakes: oat meal, soy flour, sunflower oil, rice flour, and flax seed? That would help me so much to make an informed decision on whether I want to continue ordering Plenny shakes. Thank you in advance! Jay

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Hi, just a reminder about my previous message. I have cancelled my subscription until I know more.

Hi @Jay ,

excellent question and sorry for the late reply.

We wrote this article about what goes into our meals. They do however miss where we exactly source the ingredients, where our suppliers get the raw ingredients, and where the ingredients are processed before we receive them in our production facility. I will have those details added. We obviously want to be as transparent as possible.

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That is great, thank you!

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